Welcome to my web page. My name is Sheryll Prowse . Sherzam Poodles is a small select kennel of standard and toy poodles located on five acres in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia. I have shown many Best in Show and top winning poodles since 1972 .


In recent years my responsibilities as a Civil Marriage Celebrant ( having officiated at over 850 wonderful weddings) have meant I have not been able to attend as many shows as I would like but I still combine and enjoy both.



In loving memory of my beautiful "Rosie" -26.9.00- 4.1.17- Aged 16 yrs & 4 mths

I Love you & miss you with all my heart.


On a much brighter note - very special new additions are the stunning black toy " Sauvage Just So Kipling" ( Sav) & the gorgeous brown toy bitch "Moncoeur Mrs Brown" ( Delta). Sav is already a Baby Puppy in Show winner & has the best personality. He just loves everything about life. I look forward to lots of fun with both of them . They are the best of friends & a joy to live with.  The beginning of another generation.



                     Stella- Xmas 

More recently my emphasis has been on toys after I retired the Best in Show winning standard - Aust.Ch. Disque Too Many Crooks ( Harrison ) and enjoyed showing the beautiful brown toy Aust Ch. Super Sonik's She's Another Miracle ( Imp Sweden) -(Stella) and her son Teddy ( Aust Ch. Vivara John Travolta).



My stunning black toy, Aust Ch Vivara Going Solo made an impact as an exciting stud dog with his progeny  winning Challenge, RUBOB- Poodle National Royal challenges, specialty reserve challenges, runner up in show and in show awards!

Solo   sired ten Australian Champions.  

Pictured is his gorgeous son  CH. Vivara John Travolta (Teddy) who  won 4 "Baby in Shows"  , Best in Group,  Runner up in Group ,  2 Minor Puppy in Shows ( 6 mths 1 week), Puppy in Show and Res Chall at the Poodle National 2007. Teddy's  brother- JT ( Carol Vimpany) won Chall & RUBOB at the Spring Fair at 8 mths and is also an Australian Champion at 13 mths. 



                                          Teddy- 4 mths


Solo's half brother Aust Ch Vivara Dare to Dream (CC) ( also a Top Producer) is another beautiful black toy who was Best of Breed at the Melbourne Royal. Solo & CC are very stunning and stylish dogs with outstanding personality, who pass on these qualities to their puppies. CC has also sired five Australian Champions  and 1 Obedience title.

At the 2005 National we  were very proud of Amanda's ( Ch Nibette La Strada) daughter Ch Tezer Sensationalism ( Garry Dryburgh & Alayne Hansen) who gained her Australian Championship and won the Bitch CC. More recently we were proud to hear that she had won back to back Best in Shows , BEST IN SHOW at the DARWIN ROYAL 2006 and BEST GROUP  Melbourne Royal 2006. In 2007 she  made a great start to the year with Best in Show at the Canberra Royal and then gained her Grand Championship


The poodles on an outing .

Dog Coats

Also available for toy poodles and other small breeds are a lovely range of polar fleece & knitted dog coats  ( see page for dog coats). New knitting patterns for dog coats, squares/rugs  & toys added to dog coat page or you check out my website for my dog coats www.knitteddogcoats.com which has a list of colours available at any one time.

These coats are  very comfortable and ideal for toy poodles and other small breeds. They are available in sizes 30- 50cm and fit most breeds of toy dogs. (Knitted ones are available by special order). Designer Bows  can also be made to colour co-ordinate for the fashion conscious poodle!

Clipping & Grooming

I also offer simple lessons for those who wish to learn how to bath, clip & groom their own dog- naturally poodles are a specialty. These lessons show you the right equipment to choose and the simple basics of caring for and grooming  your own dog. ( see Grooming page)



Graphics  - recently I have started creating my own fun graphics using the Photo Impact program.


"...... the morning's here and it's time to play.. I always get my way."

Author unknown from " A Puppy's Prayer"

Of course, all Sherzam Poodles live in the house and are my special companions and very much loved. They are now enjoying their well earned retirement here. They also have 5 acres on which to run and enjoy their lives. Rosie ( brown) & CC ( black/grey)are now 14 1/2 yrs and going well.

2018--Tomorrow is the first page of a blank 365 page book. How will that book read this time next year ? Will you allow others to write the story for you, will you skip pages ? or will you write your own story in 2018 ? I encourage you to write your own story, to design the plot, choose the characters that will play major roles and make it adventurous, playful, exciting and inspiring, with a happy ending.

                     "Live for the present- learn from the past- dream of the future"


Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift, which is why we call it the "Present.”


"I love all my poodles to the moon & back."



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