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Rosie ( 15 1/2 yrs in her latest fashion dress -2016)

Tails are wagging for the new polar fleece & hand knitted coats.



Living in Wagga Wagga, the weather can become very cold so I decided the poodles needed a range of warm & attractive coats.The coats are either hand knitted or polar fleece. ( see ) I will be pleased to make coats & bows for your poodle or other small – medium dog.





        Monet & Juliette modelling their new polar fleece coats.                                             




These are a skivvy design and have become very popular . They are made in a wide range of bright and attractive colours. Sizes vary from 30cm to 50cm . The most popular size is 35cm and are suitable for most smaller breeds of dog.


The coats are very comfortable, washable, & warm and practical .


These coats can be provided wholesale and are popular for resale in grooming salons.

Made with love

Received with love

Worn with love

All coats are donated in honour of my poodles-who are so loved and always warm. They are just making sure others are warm too.


   Georgia                        Solo in a hand knitted coat Lacey in a pink knit.



  Above is a photo of 16 dog coats knitted by Marg Renner ( Lockhart) from the pattern -which have been donated to Snowy Mountains Area Rescue Team ( NSW, Australia).

Thank you Marg for your generosity- the dogs will certainly appreciate them in the cold weather.

A big thank you also to Carol Foley, Doreen Page, Ruth Newman  & Karen Steiner for their generous donations of dog coats and wool. Doreen is also a member of the Knit4 charities and knits a variety of other items to help the needy.


Coats for Chris's Animal Rescue - The Rock ( near Wagga Wagga) March 2010


Would you like to make a coat for a rescue dog- remember there are many dogs in need of a coat or may be you can donate the wool?

 Beautiful rugs made by Myriam & Sue E


Remember: "You can't change the world but you can change the world of one dog."



 More coats ready to be sent to Rescue Groups via Knit 4 Charities ( see links page). This year we have been able to support- Senior Dogs Rescue, Snowy Mountain Area Rescue  Team ( SMART), Adelaide RSPCA, Hunter Animal Rescue, Wingiecaribee Animal Shelter, Chris' Animal Rescue ( The Rock). In 2010 we had a special appeal ( April/ May) for the Albury RSPCA Foster Care group. Over 170 items were donated and now being put to good use.Thank you to my good friend Doreen Page who  has been knitting and sewing coats for the Rescue groups.


One of the most moving donations was from Lindy O' Neil ( Knit4 Charities) who sent 6 blankets strips made out of soft feathers wool. I joined these up and crocheted around them making 2 beautiful blankets. ( shown below) Lindy is totally blind and to be able to make such a generous donation is very touching and so much apprciated. Also shown below is Lola ( Albury) a Pomeranian in foster care- wearing her new coat and Napoleon ( Seniors Rescue) enjoying his new coat.


In 2013/2014 it has been a pleasure to support Knitting for Australian Rescue Dogs - based in Sydney and Animal Rescues Appeal for Rescue Dogs - based in Melbourne. Both groups distributing to many rescue groups. Hundreds of coats, blankets etc have been distributed to help needy dogs by these groups. Marg Renner & Wendy Wright continue to be a great support- knitting many beautiful coats & blankets which are sent on to rescues. Thankyou Marg & Wendy for your wonderful support. Also Carol Foley who sends bags of wool, collars, leads, toys & blankets- such generous & kind people who do so much to help dogs in needs.




A big thank you to all who help.




*******A lovely story about a lovely lady who knits dog jumpers for the Lost Dogs Home

and was nominated for the Herald Sun Community Spirit Medal Award:




 The rhythm of the needles

As they move the yarn around

Calls to me in whispers

A sweet familiar sound.

My hand moves almost dreamlike

Without thought or care

As I fashion something new for some dog to wear.

Maybe a blanket too.

With each and every stitch

 I think of more to do.

So when the cold winds blow

And when the snow falls down

My yarn helps me to remember

Forgotten dogs all around.

My dogs and I are the ones who're blessed

As my warm hands knit away

I pray the rhythm of my needles

Will help some dog in some small way.





"How lovely to think that no one need wait a moment, we can start now, start slowly changing the world. How lovely that everyone, great and small, can make their contribution... how we can always, always give something, if only kindness." ~Anne Frank.




Knitting keeps our hands busy so our minds can rest. It is a gift to help quiet the world around us, if even for a moment. To create- and think of those we create for- is a quiet prayer of hope, love and dreams all wrapped up in needles, a book and a ball of wool. Anon

 Below are patterns for a knitted poodle jumper/ jacket:








An easy to make and very comfortable polo neck knitted coat to fit size 35cm and 40cm toy poodles.


(Pattern may also be adapted to 30cm by reducing stitches.)


Using 3.25 needles and 8ply wool -50g (3 balls) ( 5 balls make 2 coats)

cast on 86(94) stitches.


1st row: K2 P2

2nd.row: P2 K2

Cont.working in rib until there are 21 rows.

22nd row: Increase 4(10) stitches evenly across first 40(62) stitches.

23rd row: Rib first 24 (32) stitches and leave on stitch holder.

Change to 4.00 needles and knit across remaining 68 (72) stitches.

24th row: Purl


Continue in stocking stitch until there are 52 (78) rows from completion of band.

Next row: Decrease at each end of next and every alt.row 8 (8) times

Next row: Decrease at each end of every row 8 (10) times

Cast off.


Using 3.25 needles pick up 24 (32) stitches from stitch holder.

Cont. working in rib until there are 78 (88) rows from beginning of work. Cast off loosely in rib.


When completed and before sewing up I then crochet around the jacket. This ensures it sits correctly and does not curl. I do 2 rows- the last being a small shell stitch which is very effective.


To make up: With right side facing join rib at neck. Fold neckband outwards and loosely stitch in place. Join edges of chest panel to body of jacket starting at (52nd (62nd) row of stocking stitch on body of jacket and working back towards neckband for 24 (30) rows.This forms the armholes.


(Pattern maybe adapted to cable, moss stitch, multiple colours or pattern of choice. I have also added rows of "Feathers" wool for a different style.( I use 6 rows wool 4 rows "feathers" on the body of the coat for a striking design)


Basket weave pattern is also very effective. ( 6  plain 6 purl repeated) for 6 rows then alternate – 6 purl 6 plain for 6 rows.


A 2 row crocheted shell edge around the body ( I use matching wool) ensures the coat sits correctly and does not roll.


 Easy Dog Sweaters 


 Harry's Sweaters


 How to Knit a Dog Sweater

All the sweaters above are made from the same pattern. It is very easy! If you can knit a scarf, you can knit this dog sweater. Harry's size is as follows: Body-Length is 30cm (12"), Neck-Circumference is 24cm (10"), Chest-Circumference is 38cm (15"). If your dog is a little smaller, use thinner yarn with thinner needles. If your dog is a little bigger, use thicker yarn with thicker needles.


Materials: Red Heart Classic 60g (2oz)
5mm (US8) needles for stockinettes
4mm (US6) needles for ribs

Tension: 17 sts & 23 rows = 10cm (4")

Cast on 47 stiches for the Back.
Cast on 19 stiches for the Under-Panel.

Start knitting from the bottom.

To make the shape of the underpanel,
deacrease a stitch at the end of both sides
at 27th, 39th and 49th row.

If you do not know how to knit ribs,
just knit stockinettes or garters.

If you know how to change colours or
how to knit cables, do so.

Sew back to underpanel along side edges,
leaving the openings for legs.

Start sewing from the top of neck.

After sewing 14 rows, 
leave 22 rows from underpanel and 
16 rows from back to make the openings.

Then continue sewing the edges
until the bottom of the underpanel.

If your dog's chest or legs are wide,
make the openings larger.


How to Knit a Matching Hat for Human

Materials: Red Heart Classic 120g (4oz) 
5mm (US8) circular needles with a 40cm (16") string 
Tension: 17 sts & 23 rows = 10cm (4")

Cast on 96 stitches. 
Knit single ribs in circular until 30cm (12") long. 
Decrease to 12 stitches by working two stitches together. 
Close the opening. 
Decorate with a pompom or a tassel.



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A very easy toy to make which the cats love. Can be added to a stick to dangle in front of cats as well:
Crocheted Cat Toy ( curly)- very easy
Using 8ply wool & size 4 crochet hook ( or whatever size wool & hook you wish)
Chain 60 stitches
Turn &  crochet 3 treble into each chain to end.
Tie off leaving enough wool to securely attach a bell.
Attach bell & pom pom to one end- add a ribbon to the other end.
The toy automatically curls.
  ( Also Kitten Katerpillars- Chain 20 stitches.)
Turn &  crochet 3 treble into each chain to end.
Tie off leaving enough wool to securely attach a bell.
Attach bell & pom pom to one end- add a ribbon to the other end.
Spider Cat Toy  ( crochet- very easy)

Designed by Julie A. Bolduc

This little cat toy is fast and easy to make and
the cats do go wild for it! I have two cats myself and they really
love to play with it. Just drag it somewhat slowly along the floor
and it will creep like a spider. Really cute!
Materials Needed
Small amount worsted weight acrylic yarn of any color.
Size H/8 aluminum crochet hook
Yarn needle for weaving in ends.
Yarn Thickness: 4mm
Gauge: 4sc=1"
Finished Size: 3" diameter 2ft long.
Skill Level: Beginner

RND 1: Ch5, join w/slst to first ch to form ring. Ch8, slst in 2nd ch from hook and in each of the next 6 chs.
*Sc in ring. Ch8, slst in 2nd ch from hook and in each of the next 6 chs. Rep from * 6 times more. Join w/slst to
first ch of the first ch8. Ch100. Fasten off, weave ends in to back of work.




 A toy which is popular with puppies and adult dogs is the knitted ball. This ball is easily made. The pattern is shown below:





Knitted Ball Pattern




  - yarn of choice,  Needles suitable for yarn. - Use contrasting colors and alternate wedges

DIRECTIONS: Cast on 28 stitches.

Row 1--Knit 20 stitches--turn.

Row 2--Knit 12 stitches--turn.

Row 3--Knit 14 stitches--turn.

Row 4--Knit 16 stitches--turn.

Row 5--Knit 18 stitches--turn.

Row 6--Knit 20 stitches--turn.

Row 7--Knit 22 stitches--turn.

Row 8--Knit 24 stitches--turn.

Row 9--Knit 26 stitches--turn.

Row 10-Knit 28 stitches--turn.

Pick up 2nd color, Tie on, carry along or break off & knit 2nd wedge.

Repeat pattern, alternating colors until there are 5 wedges of each.

Stuff with polyester fiberfil and sew seam. 


Dog Toy- Plaits


A very simple toy which dogs love to play tug of war with.

Using fleece or whatever material you wish cut strips approx 60cm in length and 3cm wide.

Take 4.strips. Tie in a knot approx 12cm from end.

Plait the 4 strips,  tie a knot with approx 12cm left on the end.

Cut ends in half again.

NB. These toys can be made any size- bigger or smaller to suit

. Rescue puppies enjoying their tug toys


Belly Band

Another useful item to make for  male toy poodles is a Belly Band. These bands are useful if the dog is not clean when in the house or when house training .

Choose a suitable wash n wear material. Cut a strip approx 48cm x 10cm. Overlock the edges. Sew velcro strips (a couple of cms from end) at either end so they come together when wrapped together to form a circular shape.

Add a panty liner ( purchased from the supermarket) and voila you have a belly band.

Length may vary according to the size of the dog - this pattern fits a small dog e.g. toy poodle'

Knitted Square ( Suitable for rugs)




Beautiful rug knitted from alpaca wool- so soft & snuggly.

This is a great pattern which gives you very even squares with a border for each square.

Use 8ply wool- size 4 needles.

Diagonal Square knitted in garter stitch.


Cast on 3 stitches

Next row- knit into back.

Increase 2nd last stitch of every row to 40/50 /60 stitches or size of your choice.

Decrease 2nd last stitch of every row until 3 stitches remain cast off.



Small dog rug - 4x 4 squares ( 40 stitches per square).

Join up squares.

Crochet around large square for neat finish.

Press lightly.


Alternate dog jumper






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